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Let your faith begin here! Come and grow at Faith Baptist Church!

ABOUT: In March 1999, the people of Faith Baptist Church in Thomaston, Ga opened their hearts and started Upson Christian Academy.  Their goal was to train young people academically in an environment void of secular humanism, to train them from the work of God, and to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mission: It is our desire to thoroughly equip the student for life by providing an education in a spiritually nurturing environment.  By training our students in the principals and practice of our Lord Jesus Christ, we hold the Scripture to be all sufficient rules for faith and practice. 

Purpose: Our committed purpose is that the children entrusted to our care will learn the true love of God and will come to the full understanding and appreciation for what it means to live as Christians in America.  Therefore, we will teach about America's Christian heritage and the qualities that have made her people great.  A high priority will be given to having respect for those in authority, for obedience to law, and self-discipline. 

Goal: The primary goal of UCA is to bring every student to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior.  It is our belief that a person cannot be prepared to be a success in life until he is prepared for eternity.